Where I chose to live and why- Western Australia

Choosing somewhere to live in Australia is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you need to make.  Throw into the mix schools and work, and it’s important to get it right.

Hopefully, the fellow migrant posts here may help you.

For those that want to contribute, please let us know the general area that you live and why you chose that location. Was it work, lifestyle, family, convenience or education that helped you decide. Have you found any benefits or downsides since moving to you new location?

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The Chadwick Family

We visited most states to compare each area and found that Perth was the place we wanted to settle. I loved the size of WA, although we are far from other states, WA is so big that there are plenty of places to travel i.e Money Mia (far north) and Margaret River – Esperance (far south). We live north of the River, 25 minutes from the city and a minute drive to the beach. The houses are very affordable, we would never be able to afford a house walking distance to the beach in the UK. Perth is a great place for families as it has a super relaxed feel, plenty of stunning beaches to watch the sunset and the weather of great all year round!

Gemma Teale

I have an Instagram account which shows our journey from moving from Adelaide to Perth its called tealefamilyadventuresperth

We choose to live in Perth, as it has everything we want in the Australian lifestyle. Perth is a fantastic place to bring up children, the beaches are stunning, the weather is beautiful. It has both a busy and relaxed vibe to Perth, which we love.


Due to my age! I could only be accepted in the NT to work as a nurse. With accommodation provided at minimal cost. I applied for Permanent Residency before the end of my 2 year contract.While this was 20 years ago, being granted PR at age 59 was unusual. And mostly due to the speciality I learned in situ.I ended up being on first name terms with the Immi Dept! Very stressful.After I got PR, I moved to Victoria (age immaterial at this point) but so so cold at times.I then transferred to work in Brisbane. Weather was warmer. Humidity hit in December!

Then came across to WA where I also knew someone.And have been here since. I worked until I was 70 yrs. And haven’t been back to Europe since I left.


After traveling around Australia in our younger years on a Working Holiday Visa, we wanted to make Australia our permanent home. After meeting the DUC Team at an expo in the UK and watching countless monthly webinars they held, we decided to start the visa process and put our plans into motion. We originally planned to move to Sydney as that is where we had spent most of our time whilst backpacking, but after a lot of research we decided to move to Western Australia. We lived in the countryside in the UK and wanted to settle in an area that felt like home to us, Margaret River is now our new home, full of stunning wineries, open fields and divine beaches is why we chose Western Australia