Where I chose to live and why-South Australia

Choosing somewhere to live in Australia is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you need to make.  Throw into the mix schools and work, and it’s important to get it right.

Hopefully, the fellow migrant posts here may help you.

For those that want to contribute, please let us know the general area that you live and why you chose that location. Was it work, lifestyle, family, convenience or education that helped you decide. Have you found any benefits or downsides since moving to you new location?

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Katie and Tom Crashley

Adelaide was a bit of a happy accident for us… We had plans to move to QLD, but ended up with a better job offer in SA. Being the only state that we had never visited, it felt like a risk for us as a family. But it is a risk that has paid off! Adelaide is simply stunning. The beaches, the vineyards, the culture – it is everything we could have wanted and more. Having only been here for 6 months, we have so much more to see and we can’t wait.

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Dave Wilson

Why Adelaide… why not???
Being fortunate enough to choose which state to move to from 16,000 kilometres was a blessing but it also brought a tough decision to make. After days, weeks and months of research we felt South Australia was the place for us. Were we right? ABSOLUTELY!
Having been here for almost 2 years now we can safely say “Rad-Adelaide” lives up to its name! It didn’t win most liveable city in Australia and 3rd best in the world for nothing.

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My wife, our 2 boys (now 4 & 7) and I have settled in the foothills and we love it. Seeing a Koala in one of our Red Gum Trees in the back garden was surreal! Dodging an echidna crossing the road, listening to the family of Kookaburras laugh and feeding so many different parrots makes the foothills a beautiful place to call home. Driving down Old Belair Road and being able to see the city, the hills and the beach all at the same time is breath-taking.
South of the city has the most amazing, clean and calm beaches ever! We were never big beach goers back home but we love it here. There are beaches you can drive straight on to save dragging everything from the car. We love to paddleboard, snorkel and paddle while stingrays circle our feet!
You have no excuse not to get out and do things. Everything is built to help you enjoy the Mediterranean climate. I did a 100km bike ride from the city to McLaren Vale and back, purely on cycle paths. The amount of parks and outdoor BBQ’s I passed along the way was crazy.
Adelaide calls itself the Festival State and it’s not wrong. There’s always something to do and a lot of it is free too. We’ve been to the Light Cycle in the city 2 years running, it’s awesome. Today I joined hundreds of people at a massive camping and 4×4 show in the city.
Then there’s the wine. Australia is the 6th biggest wine producer in the world and over half of it is made in SA. The list can go on and on so please, do your own research and you’ll soon want to join me in the best state of Australia!!

Amy Davey

After we first met Wes at the Down Under exhibition in May 2018 and we knew that emigrating was a real possibility for us, I immediately started my thorough research! Quickly we realised that a lot of states weren’t open at the time for the trade we had. South Australia was one of the states that wanted plumbers so that’s where we were set on heading.
The more I delved, the more it seemed that South Australia and specifically Adelaide ticked every single box of our wants and needs.
Family friendly, great Mediterranean climate, more affordable housing, stunning beaches, city, hills and wine regions all within such a close proximity to each other.
The emigration process was made extremely smooth sailing which is completely down to the Down Under Centre. We emigrated in November 2019 and haven’t looked back for a second. We all felt at home as soon as we landed on the tarmac at Adelaide airport and I fall in love with south Australia more every day. We love camping, exploring, city days, weekends away, hikes in the great outdoors, lazy beach days. Adelaide has it all.
We have the best, outdoor lifestyle and our whole family have thrived since being here. Our life is jam packed full and we feel so content. I am proud to be a south Aussie.

Phil & Jodie Binding

What can I say about living Adelaide, not only do we have stunning beaches, we are surrounded by beautiful wineries.

The reason we chose Adelaide to be our new home is the laid back lifestyle, the weather and the culture.

Everything is affordable here. We get to live by the beach and still a close drive to the main city. We couldn’t afford to live this close to the city or a beach in England. We often visit Melbourne, which is a quick flight, or a 7 hour drive (great way to visit the rural areas and to see a lot of kangaroo’s!!).

We most enjoy the hikes in the hills, the gorgeous weather and of course…the wineries.

We highly recommend South Australia to anyone who enjoys the laid back chilled lifestyle like us.

Lisa Chambers

Firstly, the reason we chose Adelaide is because it suits our lifestyle.  We didn’t want an overly busy city, and also wanted to live near the coast, and have lots of opportunities for outside time with our two sons.  It’s great here, there are hills, conservation parks, many walks, the city and SO MANY BEACHES.

We have recently bought a house (after looking for a year) in the mid coast area of Adelaide.  We live near to Port Noarlunga which is an amazing area with a great beach, jetty and river.  We also live near many drive on beaches, which are great for really hot days.  The sea here in the summer is mostly calm, and that is great for us because we love paddle boarding, swimming and snorkeling.

We really love grabbing a takeaway or bbqing and eating outside, there are so many places to do that here, it seems alien to us now to bring a Maccas home, and we save restaurants for mid-winter!  Who needs a restaurant when you can eat with a stunning view for free!

The house we bought is a 3-minute walk from the train stop into the city.  We can drive to the CBD in 30 minutes or get the train.  This is great as my eldest gets the train to school, and the rare occasion my husband doesn’t work from home, he can use the train rather than drive.  We love to catch the ‘footy express’ which runs free in match days, and the train stop in the city is right by the Adelaide Oval, so that’s a plus.

Overall, we made the right decision for our needs, and are glad we took our time to find the right place to settle.