Where I chose to live and why-Australian Capital Territory

Choosing somewhere to live in Australia is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you need to make.  Throw into the mix schools and work, and it’s important to get it right.

Hopefully, the fellow migrant posts here may help you.

For those that want to contribute, please let us know the general area that you live and why you chose that location. Was it work, lifestyle, family, convenience or education that helped you decide. Have you found any benefits or downsides since moving to you new location?

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Melissa and Ryan

We chose to move to Canberra for the art and culture and the space. After living in Sydney for almost 2 years we wanted somewhere a little quieter and more affordable. With Sydney only 3 hours away it’s a perfect location for anyone wanting the quieter lifestyle with the bonus of being close to bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Houses are very affordable here.

Ryan is a carpenter by trade and found work very easily.