Your Visa is Granted

  • Set up your bank account Moving to Australia – CommBank Chat to your Foreign Exchange export and start looking to transfer money. Down Under Centre : Corpay¬†or Welcome – FortunaFX
  • Arrange for your mail to be re directed
  • Sell or donate any last-minute belongings that wont be travelling with you
  • Check your DUC Employment Hub profile and check our job opportunities.
  • Research and choose new schools
  • Put together a travel wallet with passports, tickets, itinerary. Hotel details and where to pick up the car rental.
  • Put your car on the market. If you sell for a good price early on book a hire car for required days prior to leaving.
  • Make a list of everyone that you need to see before leaving
  • Organise a going away party/catch up
  • Collect all your up to date medical and school and tax records.
  • Start thinking of your move to Australia party!!!!
  • Clean all your Tools and sporting equipment ready for shipping
  • Cancel all subscriptions
  • Organise all medications
  • Pack your suitcases
  • Make sure you have found a way to communicate with friends and family, remember its harder for our older relatives to use technology.
  • Confirm your place to stay. Where do you pick up keys etc
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