If you have recently arrived and have completed an AQF qualification as part of your migration process, this qualification will not be recognised in the Australian Unique Student Identifier System. This section will explain how to get registered for a USI.

So, why do I need to get an USI?

As you have never held a valid activated Visa before arriving in Australia, you would not have been able to access the USI system. Now you are here, you can apply for a USI and have all your records in one place. However there is a catch. As you had your AQF qualifications recorded as an “Offshore Enrolment” you will need to get back in contact with the issuing RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and have them reiusse you with your AQF again but this time with the USI attached to the record.

Some RTO’s may charge an admin fee for this, which can range from AU$25 – AU$50, some may do it for free. If you experience problems with the RTO then get in touch with Paul Vivian (paul.vivian@downundercentre.com) from our Australian office and he can assist you.