Education in Western Australia

When moving to Australia, it is important to recognise that you are making a significant choice not just for yourself, but for your family as well, leading you all to a brighter future.

Here on the schools page, you can find links to relevant information regarding schools in Western Australia.

Additionally, the Australian government also has a page dedicated to children starting their education journey if you are coming to Australia to study. You can find it here:

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Public Schools vs Private Schools in Western Australia
For public school's you are usually asked to pay a voluntary contribution fee. For primary schools it is roughly $50 per child per year. You are given supplies lists each year, which includes the schoolbooks, pens, pencils etc. That will cost you roughly $150.
For secondary schools you typically pay a voluntary fee of $250 per child per year for years 7-8 and roughly $300 for years 9-11.

Private Schools
Private schools are a lot cheaper than what you would pay in the UK.
Here is an example of school fee's for private schooling:

Kindergarten - $4,000 - $6,442
Primary - Year 2 - $4,380 - $6,482
Year 3 - Year 6 - $4,510 - $6,496
Year 7 - Year 9 - $6,320 - $10,826
Year 10 - Year 12 - $6,920 - $10,766


Private Tutors
If you would like to get your child extra help with their education, you can find private tutors which typically charge roughly $75 per hour. Our son is Dyslexic and we pay for a tutor to visit him in his school every week, this can be done in lesson time.