Motopool – flexible vehicle subscription

Are you moving to Australia and need a vehicle solution without the long-term commitment, hassle or financial risk associated with vehicle ownership?

A Motopool vehicle subscription gives you all the benefits of owning a vehicle with none of the pitfalls.

We give you the ability to pay for your vehicle the same way you would pay for your Netflix membership or your gym access. You pay a simple weekly fee that covers everything to do with your vehicle outside of fuel and get access to a range of vehicles that you can use as if they were your own.

Best of all it is easy to get started with Motopool today.  Click the button below to get started, get a quote and find out more about Motopool:

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Key details

DUC Clients get a 50% reduction on the upfront refundable security deposit

Subscription terms range from 60-90 days +

Wide range of new vehicles to suit your families needs

Quick and easy signup process

We offer a personalised concierge service for you

Click here for more information about how the vehicle subscription works.