Fortuna FX

WHY CHOOSE FORTUNA FX to send your personal money to Australia?

As an institutional brokerage we Partner with the DUC to ensure you are looked after when sending your Funds over to Australia and unlike a high street bank, we have access to wholesale market pricing, this means we can shop around for the most advantageous rate for your exchange.

We offer the most competitive currency conversion rates across the whole market, absorb all transaction costs to get you every penny possible and make it easy to get your AUD over to Australia

Work with us and say goodbye to hidden fees, time delays and high pricing structures. We’ll help you understand how to optimise your profit and save money when converting your Currency, without bamboozling. You already have enough to do. Our clients say they enjoy working with us and will never go back to other brokers or banks again.

We offer three main products:

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SPOT TRADES Work with us and you’ll be able to take advantage of the live rates across a number of liquidity providers and enjoy same day settlements through our faster payments process. You can also set a value date of up to two weeks in the future, so you can take advantage of short-term preferential rate fluctuations and not have to send the funds until your chosen value date


MARKET ORDERS Let us know your desired exchange rate and we’ll monitor the markets for you. Then, when your desired rate can be achieved, either let you know or automatically execute trades for you. We can also set ‘stop losses’ to mitigate your risk to adverse currency fluctuations. With Fortuna, you get to make the trades you want, at the price you want, while getting on with all the other requirements to immigrate to Australia.


FORWARD CONTRACTS The currency market can be very volatile, pre/post Brexit and especially post Covid-19, so our clients like to eliminate the risk of currency fluctuations by securing preferential rates for future settlement. These are called Forward Contracts. As part of your Forward Contract, we can fix rates for you for up to 12 Months, to ensure that your money is unaffected by currency fluctuations.

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