Alfy Property

After identifying a lack of support for property buyers in the Australian Real Estate market; we decided to come together to narrow the gap and consequent miscommunications between buyers and real estate agents. As a result, Alfy was born.

Specialising in the search, negotiation and final purchase; our mission is to represent buyers fairly and alleviate the stress during the process of finding the ideal home or investment.

We pride ourselves on developing strong and lasting relationships with all our clients. With our personalised approach, we work to ensure our client’s needs are at the core of all our decisions. At Alfy Property, every decision is made with confidence.

Having previously worked in multiple sections of the real estate and financial industries, we have invaluable experience and skills that allow us to create meaningful connections to link clients with their ideal property.

At Alfy, we strive to not only achieve but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our success is driven by our comprehensive knowledge of the property market, our unmatched negotiation skills and our unparalleled commitment and passion for all things property.

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What locations does Alfy buy property in?

Alfy has years of property experience throughout Melbourne, its surrounds, and throughout regional Victoria, so we can help you to save time and stress during the property buying process and enable you to secure the perfect property at the right price.

Because we are locals, you can benefit from our specialist knowledge in the Victorian property market.

Should I use a buyers agent for my first home (or forever home)?

Whether you are purchasing your first home, your forever home, or even an investment property, a buyer’s agent can assist to make the property purchasing journey less complicated.

If you are interested in purchasing property, then you can benefit from utilising a buyer’s agent!

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