We loved our chat with Tanya in QLD.

It was such a helpful call, and was so good to talk through everything with someone who has made the move and really gets it all!

Tanya was super friendly, really easy to chat with and gave us a few really great tips and bits of info for our move.

Highly recommend a call with her if you get the chance 🙂

Jess had a call with Tanya (QLD)

We had a great relocation video call from Tanya over in Queensland.

The call was very informative and Tanya was really approachable, friendly and helpful. She was always happy to answer what felt like a million questions and also followed up the meeting with a copy of the presentation and lots of other useful info, including putting us in touch with other agencies to help with the move.

I can honestly say, that I would feel comfortable asking Tanya for help once we arrive in down under should there be any problems.

We highly recommend this relocation package video call, as it is great to get the questions answered by someone who is actually there in person, rather than subjective posts of social media.

Thank you Tanya for your help - it was greatly appreciated.

Alison had a call with Tanya Fell (QLD)

We had a call with Jess regarding relocation to Melbourne.

We found her friendly, helpful and informative about her own experience in moving especially with young children. Speaking to Jess helped us feel reassured about the move and feel more excited about the process.

We hope to keep in contact until we move over and she continues to help us.

Katherine and Sean had a call with Jessica McKean (VIC)

We had a combined Employment and Relocation call with Gemma of the Down Under Centre on the morning our Visa was granted.

She was so friendly, helpful and really knowledgable and definitely re-ignited our excitement for our move to Australia.

Anything she didn’t know she researched and got back to us about really promptly and the call has given us lots to think about and to consider while making plans for our new Chapter.

Steve and Georgie had a call with Gemma Teale (WA)

My partner and I had a combined package meeting with Jess, from the DUC hub, to discuss our move to Victoria which will be taking place in October.

Firstly, I would really like to thank Jess for being available at such short notice, and at a time that was not the most convenient for her. Jess was super friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. She was able to recommend different services that would assist us in our move as well as advise on the pitfalls to watch out for. When I asked a question, she couldn’t give a definite answer on she went away and found out for me which was so helpful. I was very impressed with the service and the advice given. She informed us of things that I had never even considered we should be organizing before moving or when we first arrive, as well as what important things we should have at top of our priority list. She was able to advise on suitable areas to live that suited our lifestyle, job occupation and financial situation, as well as the options open to us for buying and renting in relation to the visa we would be arriving on.

The service was excellent, and I would really recommend the services offered by Jess, as well as the whole of the DUC staff. Many thanks Jess and good luck with taking up surfing this spring!

Lisa had a call with Jessica McKean (VIC)

Big shout out and a thank you to Dave Wilson for taking my wife and I through our relocation virtual call today.

Good to get that buzz back after switching off from it all for so long.

Relocation hub and the combined call for employment and general re-location was fantastic and Dave was awesome answering all our many questions and putting our minds at ease.

Getting excited again now as we finally received the HAP ID for our youngest. He was taken straight down to London for his medical 2 days later of course.

Now just waiting in anticipation for that Jenny call.

Daniel had a call with Dave Wilson (SA)

We spoke to Dave after arranging a call with him through the DUC.

This call was invaluable and the timing spot on as we are only a few weeks away from flying to Adelaide.

Not only did he reassure us and answer all our questions, it reignited our excitement for moving to Australia!

Couldn’t recommend him enough and I have no doubt we will continue to stay in touch.

Penelope had a call with Dave Wilson (SA)

I found the call extremely useful. Brodie was very helpful and has really put my mind at rest on a-lot of topics.

I have been wanting to talk to someone in South Perth for ages, so when I saw what the DUC had put together I was really looking forward to chatting with an agent.

Brodie was very friendly and extremely helpful.

Big thank you

Anna had a call with Brodie Roberts (WA)

Special thanks to Tanya Fell for our DUC relocation call on Queensland this morning, lots of helpful and useful information given for anyone whose making the move.

Really helps ease any worries you might have or any questions you want to ask someone whose already out there living the dream, it’s a great insight to what to expect in Australia when you arrive.

We can’t wait to move over in January!

Jason had a call with Tanya Fell (QLD)

Gemma introduced us to the Relocation Hub and the Employment Hub and offered really useful information regarding the process of moving to Perth, securing jobs, removals and flying with children.

She shared real life examples and experiences with us which are invaluable and definitely reassured us more as there is so much to do before the move.

We are grateful for her time, thank you Gemma and the DUC for this opportunity and support!

Greg and Laura had a call with Gemma Teale (WA)

We cannot recommend Brodie enough. We had so many questions and uncertainties around moving to Australia.

The time spent talking to Brodie was so worthwhile, she was super friendly and keen to help us in any way she could and she really has.

We came away from the call feeling reassured and all of our questions answered and even things we hadn't thought of.

For any one wondering whether they should have a relocation call, do it! It will only help you 🙂

Leanne and Matt had a call with Brodie Roberts (WA)

Thank you so much for your time last night.

We found it all very insightful and we are even more excited to get things moving.

You have managed to gather a lot of information for us that will no doubt help us in our travels. We can't wait to have a look through all the extra links also.

thank you again.

Kirsty and David had a call with Tanya (QLD)

My self and Natasha had our relocation call with the lovely Tanya Fell last night.

She was absolutely brilliant. Answered all the questions we had and really made us feel at ease. She has all the information you may need about moving to Queensland and speaking to someone who has already done what we are going through now was perfect.

I 110% recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using this service to get it booked in ASAP. Tanya went above and beyond for us and she is a lovely person. Looking forward to meeting her when we arrive in December.

Jonathan and Natasha had a call with Tanya Fell (QLD)

Scheduled a chat with Jessica this morning for a free relocation talk thanks to the DUC.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jess was amazing! We chatted about areas to live, schools, banking, tax, health ins, cars and pretty much anything else we could think of.

Can’t wait to catch up again when we have the grant/know when we are heading over. 😊

Karen had a call with Jessica McKean (VIC)

We thoroughly enjoyed our relocation call with Dave.

Really great to speak to someone with experience of everything we are going through.

Answered all of our questions and then sent further information after our call.

Thank you Dave and again thank you for the 5star service that the DUC provide.

Ami and Rich had a call with Dave Wilson (SA)

Was so lovely to chat to you last week, it has really made us feel even more so that this is the right move for us as a family. Thanks for all the information during the call and the follow up information you have subsequently sent on, it all helps us feel more knowledgable about things to consider.

Look forward to maybe meeting up in person at one of the DUC events once we are over in Perth.

Georgie and Steve had a call with Gemma Teale (WA)

I had a relocation call with Gemma from the DUC hub to discuss our move to Perth which is taking place in February next year!!
It was super easy to book the consultation and I was on the call within a week of enquiring!
Gemma was really knowledgeable, very friendly and approachable. I felt like I could ask whatever I needed to and she answered the questions fully.
Gemma was able to recommend different services that would assist us in our move as well as advise of any discounts available for DUC customers. She followed up a query I had with one of the services and was very efficient in doing so.
She gave me information I hadn’t even thought of and helped me to become more organised in my thoughts about what needs to happen next.
Gemma’s actually living in the suburb we wish to move to which was a bonus as she had so much experience/knowledge of the area, surrounding area and things to do with the children.
The service was tremendously helpful and I would recommend this service to others who are looking for further information/clarification on relocating but also to those who would benefit from talking to someone who has successfully moved over and is settled in Oz!
Thank you Gemma!

Sharmaine had a call with Gemma Teale (WA)

Had a really good chat with Brodie last week in advance of our move in December. It was so lovely to speak to someone who has recently made the move to an area we are also going to. In such a short space of time of being there, Brodie has learnt so much about life SOR in Perth and gave advice on things I wouldn’t even have thought about. Highly recommend getting in touch with her if you are moving SOR.
Thank you Brodie and look forward to meeting you after we’ve arrived!

Amy had a call with Brodie Roberts (WA)

We had a relocation call with Tanya today and it was absolutely brilliant!

Tanya put us at ease really quickly, answered all of our questions and reignited our excitement about moving to QLD after a relatively long wait for our visa approval.

Speaking to someone who has done this journey before us is super helpful and would absolutely recommend this service to everyone!

It was great to have all our questions answered and we are looking forward to to having a wine with Tanya when we finally arrive!

Marie had a call with Tanya Fell (QLD)

Speaking to Dave was really beneficial, he was able to talk about his journey, which we wanted to hear, and all the essentials about migration from cars to shipping.

I’m sure we will find his advice and guidance was going to be invaluable. We left no stone unturned and he was able to answer everything. What an awesome and genuine guy!

Thanks DUC

Melinda and Dan had a call with Dave Wilson (SA)

We had a call with Michelle Brindle on Sunday from NSW.

Really helpful and lots of information.

Considering we have been to Australia before on a WHV we still found it useful and informative. Thank you.

Amanda had a call with Michelle Brindle (NSW)

After our relocation call with Dave my family and I feel reassured and excited about our move to South Australia.

It was great to hear from Dave about the reality of an international move and offered a real insight into the situation on the ground in the area we’ve chosen to move to: invaluable as this helps us to manage our expectations and budget according to more accurate pricing.

I’d really recommend using the relocation service and especially if you speak with Dave, as he is really knowledgeable, offers great advice for families and is a genuinely lovely chap.

Chris had a call with Dave Wilson (SA)

Booked a call with Jess as we will be heading to Vic in the very near future.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jess was amazing! We chatted about areas to live, schools, banking, tax, health ins, cars and pretty much anything else we could think of.

Jess couldn’t have been more helpful, friendly or kind. Can’t wait to catch up again when we have the grant/know when we are heading over.

Karen had a call with Jess McKean (VIC)