Relocation Services for Victoria

On this page you will find a mix of partners and services that will be useful in your relocation.

The Down Under Centre is proud to partner with our relocation service providers, who can offer you discounts and superior service!

Save money on your move, its never to early to get a feel for a service provider! These partners will join us on our monthly webinars and our face to face events. Get to know the people working with you!!

Click on the images below to find links to services that can aid your relocation to Australia.

Please note if you are having a personal chat with a DUC Relocation agent the below partners will be introduced, so we can ensure you get the correct DUC discount and experience the DUC expect from our preferred partner.

If we are missing a service or you can offer a service please complete the form below.

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Pet Transport

Personal Shipping

Buying Property and Home Loans

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Vehicle Rental



Home Search Help


Health Care

Travel Insurance

Buyers Advocate


Tax and Accountancy Help

Career Counselling