Places to Holiday in Western Australia

If you are heading to the largest state in Australia (Western Australia) to live or travel, this page is set up by migrants to give you some ideas of where to camp, holiday, or even visit for free.

From Esperance to Kununurra, and all of the amazing places in between, Western Australia is worldly renowned for its hidden beaches, amazing sunsets, unique wild life and beach driving.

The Western Australian Government has a Park Stay Locator. This will show you all of the available parks in WA along with the amenities at each park or convenient accommodation in the surrounding areas. To view the locator click the image in the Blue Box.

If you have found a gem of a spot to holiday, please fill out he below form so other migrants can enjoy what WA has to offer.

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Park Stay Locator

Road Trip Stops

Karijini National Park with Seraphina

Lucky Bay with Seraphina

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape used to to be a hidden secret but now its favourite location. Its in a sheltered bay area with great snorkelling and ideal conditions for using a stand up paddle board!

Greens pool

Greens pool has some amazing snorkelling! It is incredibly popular over the Summer period so if you want a little piece and quiet go just out side of the summer months!

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a ferry ride from Fremantle. It is well known for its Quokkas but is an amazing location to stay for the weekend or week. With all accommodation types from hostels/camping to luxury there is some thing for every one. The island is covered in bike paths and there are bikes for hire on the island. If you are looking to learn join one of the local tours for more insight and knowledge of the island and its wild life.

Get the most from your road trip!

Went to Esperance, camped in Cape Le Grande national park, we climbed Frenchman’s Peak, drove our 4WD on the beach, camped on the beach for 3 nights, absolute paradise, If you are driving from Perth I suggest you head down to Margert River, then Albany and hit Esperance, on the drive back to Perth you can go more direct but make sure you stop past Wave Rock on your way home.



Made our way down to Esperance yesterday to cool off and begin our Southern WA roadtrip. Emma

Naturaliste National Park



Lake Kepwar

We camped here for only a night although the booking is a 3 night minimum, we wished we had stayed longer but due to our kids getting ill and needing to see a doctor we cut it short, we paid $90 for the 3 nights and it was such a lovely quiet site which had great walking trails and the lake was amazing, if you have a boat or paddle board I recommend taking it. The camp site is dog friendly which you have to pay extra for but it’s not a lot, there is also another camp site the other side of the lake which is a free camp but you would have to get there mid week to get a good spot. Around the camp site there’s some 4×4 tracks you can take for a bit of off-roading if you fancy it and the bbq and toilet facilities are great there. They also have fire pits on most of the sites, firewood is available from the shop/cafe they have onsite which is great for incase you forget anything and the lady’s that run it are so helpful. Brodie

Perron Estate, Bunbury

It’s got the most wonderful secluded little camp site. It’s got two sides there’s a side with a few camping spots but very privately spread out or if you’re self sustainable then there’s a spot completely by yourself. The only neighbours are the wild kangaroos that are literally a stone through away from where you sleep. There’s also the opportunity in the morning to feed the Scottish Highland Cattle. The hosts are wonderful and even provide a pack of biscuits for the kids to keep them quiet while you set up. They can also provide a camp fire and wood ready for you for when you get there at an extra cost which is well worth it by the time you finish setting up you can just sit around a camp fire and relax, also dog friendly!


Yanchep is a relaxing weekend away with the option of being busy. The beach is stunning  and the wild life is amazing. Perfect for Camping or there are a few other accommodation choices near by. Snorkel, hike or head in to town.

Check in at the visitors centre to see what events they are having whilst you are there as they run cultural and cave tours through out the year.

There are helicopter tours, mini golf and tree top adventures all available so you can enjoy your stay with the whole family. If you are looking for hiking trails there are multiple length hikes so you can explore and see the wild life, caves, woodlands and wetlands in the area.

Make sure you pack comfortable shoes, sunscreen and water bottles for your adventures!



Busselton is beautiful and quiet beach side town, its Jetty is the 2nd longest in the world at just under 2km, we caught a train to the end where there’s an underwater viewing point of the jetty where you can see the coral and beams below sea level. There’s many lovely restaurants that over look the sea and a great brewery which you can get a drink from and watch the ocean.



Joondalup Golf Resort with Gemma

Joondalup Golf Resort in Connolly is a lovely hotel for an overnight stay. We stayed here in December as a mini break with the kids and my parents. There is a golf course, driving range, swimming pool also restaurants and bars. It’s also a perfect spot for spotting kangaroos!