Places to Holiday in the Australian Capital Territory

If you are heading to the capital of Australia (ACT) to live or travel, this page is set up by migrants to give you some ideas of where to camp, holiday or even visit for free.

From Hall to Namadgi National Park, and all of the amazing places in between, the ACT is renowned for its full 4 seasons, stunning flora, incredible wineries and history.

The Australian Government has a Park Locator. This will show you all of the available parks in the ACT along with the amenities at each park or convenient accommodation in the surrounding areas. To view the locator click the image in the Blue Box.

If you have found a gem of a spot to holiday, please fill out he below form so other migrants can enjoy what the ACT has to offer.

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Park Stay Locator


The Sir George

Sir George is a pub with accommodation with a few other shops around it. There is a Jam shop, wood shop that makes big architectural doors and another eatery. Its a great place to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

The Roberts Family