Pet Checklist

When to contact Pets Abroad

  • As soon as you you know you will be travelling within the next 12-18 months is the ideal time
  • It takes minimum 7 months of preparation
  • Perhaps final costs wont be known until closer to the time, but the time sensitive preparation can begin, without too much financial commitment at least 7 and up to 12-18 months in advance


when to start with the shots

  • As above its rabies vaccine MORE than 7 months prior to travel
  • Blood test for rabies 4-6 weeks after vaccine
  • All vet work done by an official vet (most UK practices have one or more)
  • THEN we can apply for permits which take 6 weeks to be granted
  • We can only book quarantine after we get the permit, book flights and set a vet plan for the remaining visits in the 6 weeks prior to travel


When to crate train

  • If needed, at least 4-6 weeks prior to travel


What to bring to australia and any thing else that you would recommend.

  • Not much as most gets destroyed by quarantine
  • Pets can only really travel with a light blanket in the crate