Now you have Arrived

There are lots of tasks to tick off when you arrive in Australia – make sure you leave lot’s of time to enjoy your new home, though!

  • First -refresh after your journey! Drop all of your belongings off at the accommodation and have showers and a change. 
  • TIP – Don’t go to bed until night-time!!!! This will give you the best chance of no jet lag. Go for a walk. Stop at a café. Watch the sunset. 
  • Pick up hire car or get a taxi/Uber (sometimes is better to get the hire car on day 2 so you can have a rest). 
  • Grab an Australian Sim card even if it is just a pay as you go or connect to wifi and let your friends and family know that you have arrived safely. 
  • If you engaged any helpful services for your arrival, contact them and let them know you have arrived. 
  • Set up your tax file number.
  • Activate your Australian bank account.
  • Convert your Drivers Licence to an Australian Drivers Licence.
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  • Set up Medicare.
  • Set up utilities and connections.
  • Catch up with mortgage broker if you are buying a home.
  • Head to open homes. 
  • Set up you USI if you plan on studying.
  • Start your car hunt. 
  • If you purchase a car (must have a road worthy certificate to drive on the road-this can be done at registered mechanics) transfer registrations or register the car. 
  • Purchase car insurance (this should be done on the day of purchase).
  • Contact the schools and let them know that you have arrived and confirm what they need day 1. Pick up uniforms.  
  • Set up superannuation (your new job will give you an application form for the company their employees use if you don’t have one. check to see if its best for you). 
  • Join clubs and attend functions.
  • Notify every one of your change of address. 
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