Meet the Relocation Team

Doug Hegg

Lives in Perth

Home Search Service Perth

Hi, We are Doug and Stacey. We moved to Perth in January 2024. We have two girls Taylor aged 16 and Gracie aged 13. Our fur baby Toby also joined us from the UK after a 30-day stay in Melbourne quarantine.

We have been chasing the Perth dream for over 10 years and feel very lucky to be here and have such a beautiful place to wake up to every morning. We live 10 minutes from the city and 5 minutes from the local bustling Scarborough Beach. We chose to be in the centre of Perth, so we have everything at our feet.

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Perth offers many opportunities, great days out, great places to eat, and some of the top beaches in Australia. We chose the area we lived in based on a good public secondary school for our girls. We hired a relocation agent and due to great contacts, we managed to get an off-market 4-bedroom property in Doubleview with a huge garden and pool. The girls and Toby are very happy.

Being through the process ourselves and worrying about finding a property we feel we can help and support people in the same position. We would love to support you and your family on this stressful but wonderful journey.

We look forward to speaking with you and eventually meeting you when we pass over the keys to your new home in Perth!

Neely Price

Lives in South Perth

Relocation calls and Home Search Service South Perth

Hey all,
I’m Neely. Myself, Husband Robbie, and our two children, Lacey (13) and Jude (2) emigrated here from not-so-sunny Wales in January 2023.
We signed up with the DUC during covid in June 2020.
Fast forward two long years of living in limbo, we got our visas in August 2022 and here we are, enjoying the lifestyle, sunsets over the beach, and outdoor living.
My husband is a Plumber and myself a Hairdresser.
My daughter is settled in a fantastic private school and is thriving at AFL. Whilst my son is happily settled at daycare on my days of work.

I look forward to helping you with your relocation, and any help or advice you need whilst starting your journey I’m here.

Tanya Fell

Lives in Queensland

Relocation calls QLD, and Home Search Service Brisbane

Hello and a warm welcome from me Tanya.  

I’m a wife, mummy to one and emigrated pom who left the Uk in 2019 for the beautiful state of Queensland, where we now call home.  

A little bit about me and my family, I’m an allied health assistant who works alongside the physio’s and occupational therapists in the Queensland Children’s Hospital, my husband Craig is a very happy, full time working electrician aka sparkie.

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With our careers thriving with great rewards since touching down.  

Our little man Mr Harry is in a local school, smashing educational goals and honestly enjoying every moment, of all the outdoor experiences and sports QLD has to offer him.  

I’m here to help, offer support and advice for you and your family the best I can. This is an absolutely massive life change but the best decision I’m sure you will make. We came here not knowing a sole, so me and my family are here for you, as a port of call where we can share our experiences or even be a friendly face to start you on your way, in living your best new life here in the sunshine state. 

Andy Botha

Lives in New South Wales

Relocation Calls NSW

Hello! My name is Andy. I moved to Sydney from the cold north of England in Jan 2018. I took the leap by myself and haven’t looked back. I am a fully qualified sparky and competed my GAP training to become Australian qualified in 2019. 

I met my partner in July 2018 and while she was studying here. She is currently waiting for the De-facto partner visa to be approved. We know the pain as she has been waiting since May

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2020, luckily, she is able to work on her bridging visa. 

We love to get out and about to see places around NSW. We are big foodies and love to try new places to eat, although the day trips and eating out took a hit with covid. We also got a covid puppy (mini Dachshund) so love to take her to new places or for a run around in the local parks. 

We have been renting for the last 4 years but have recently purchased an off the plan apartment which will hopefully be built and ready to move in my Christmas 2023. 

I look forward to speaking to people moving to NSW and hope to be able to offer you some tips and recommendations. I am happy to help with house hunting, finding a job, form filling and any other things that you may need to help you with a smooth transition into the Australian lifestyle. 

Hayley Brown

Lives in NSW (Central Coast)

Relocation Calls for NSW and Home Search Service in the Central Coast, Newcastle and North Sydney

Hello, I’m Hayley👋
We are previous clients of the DUC and my family and I have moved to the Central Coast in NSW.
I look forward to assisting with questions and helping with relocations to the area.
I’m sure you will love it as much as we do on the Coast!

Becci Carr

Lives in Queensland – Gold Coast

Home Search Service Gold Coast and Northern NSW


My name is Becci and my partner and I emigrated to the beautiful Gold Coast with our 3 children aged (5,5 & 4) in early 2023.

We absolutely love the outdoor lifestyle, the fresh food, and of course the 300 days of sunshine a year!

We originally attended a DUC event in 2018 but after just having twins decided it wasn’t the right time for us to move. Roll on 4 years, and with one more kid in tow we started the visa process and a few months later had our 190 visa approved!

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The process can be a rollercoaster of emotions but the end result of living in such a beautiful country with endless opportunities is so worth it.

I hope I can assist you with any questions and your move to the Gold Coast ☀️

Gemma Teale

Lives in Western Australia

Relocation calls and Home Search Service for North Perth

Hi, I’m Gemma and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband and 3 children. 

Felicity is 18 and my sons Hayden, 12 and Mason 7. 

We originally emigrated to Adelaide in June 2019, and lived there 2 and a bit years, but then decided to move to Perth in October 2021.  

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My Husband is a Carpenter/Joiner but is currently working as a Glazier for a company in Joondalup. The boys are in local High and Primary schools. They are really happy in their chosen schools, and we feel we made the right choice for both, having the specialist programs they can get involved in, such as soccer and marine studies! 

Moving states has been a big adjustment, but we all feel really settled here in WA, and love all there is to offer, amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, lots to do with the kids, there is always something to do here! 

Any questions regarding a move over to WA just let me know, I’m happy to help! 

Eugenie Wilcocks

Lives in SA

Relocation calls for SA and Home Search Service in Adelaide

Hi! I’m Genie, a South African wife, mom, and lover of the outdoors, who met my British husband in Canada while training to become ski instructors. After 7 years together in northwest England, we decided we wanted our children to have a life in the sun and embarked on the big move to Australia.

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Through the amazing help of the DUC, we emigrated with our little man and our dog to Adelaide in March 2023. We adore our new home and lifestyle; taking every opportunity to enjoy the plethora of dog-friendly beaches, stunning wineries on our doorstep, and hikes in the beautiful forest-like hills and national parks nearby. Our favourite part of Adelaide is its 20-minute status; with everything being so easily accessible.

My husband is a plumber. I am a veterinary physiotherapist, who’s currently enjoying being a stay-at-home mom to our one-year-old. We were homeowners in the UK and renting now in Adelaide. We successfully secured a superb rental before arriving in Aus and have put feelers out to buy property within the next 6 months. Consequently, I have spent many an hour researching Adelaide and surrounding areas in all housing aspects!

I can offer help, support, and advice through this emotional relocation rollercoaster of a journey. Being a port of call from house, job, and school hunting, and form filling to being a friendly face to meet you at the airport and start you on your way.

Terri Bennett

Lives in New South Wales

Home Search Service Illawarra Region

Hey there, my name is Terri & I live in Wollongong, New South Wales with my husband & our three boys; Louie (15), Georgie (13), and Teddie (12).

We signed up with the DUC in May 2020 & were finally granted a 491 visa in September 2022.

We traveled around Thailand for 5 weeks before settling in beautiful Wollongong in April 2023.

Me & my husband have started two successful businesses, our boys have settled into school very well & we managed to secure an amazing rental.

I look forward to helping you 😃

Jess Aumonier

Lives in Queensland

Home Search Service North Brisbane

Hi everyone!
I’m Jess and I emigrated to North Brisbane from the dreary U.K. in August 2023 alongside my partner and our dog.

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We decided to make the move after visiting friends here in Oz a couple of times, and we fell in love with the country, the people, the weather, and everything else! I am a graphic designer and my partner is a tradie.
We are both long-time renters, having never bought property in the UK or here in Australia, and I am well versed in the renting process and the stresses that come along with it, so I feel I am in a great position to be able to help others make the move with their rental search.
Having gone through it all not that long ago myself, I am all too aware of just how valuable the DUC rental search service is, and how much it can ease the stress of your impending move. Being able to move straight into your house as soon as you step off the plane is a huge relief!
I look forward to meeting you all and helping you get settled into your new home down under soon.

Karen Groves

Lives in Victoria

Relocation Calls for Victoria

Hi, my name is Karen and I moved to Australia from the UK in Feb 2023. I came with my 2 girls and cat!
The journey took a long time but I got there in the end and now we live in Victoria. The girls have settled in beautifully and I managed to secure work soon after moving. We were lucky to be able to secure a rental while still in the UK so that was one less worry.
We love it here and have no plans to return to the UK and hope to purchase a home of our own as soon as we can. We used the DUC to get our 491 visas and are counting down the days until we can apply for our PR visa!
I would love to be able to assist others making the move as I’ve been there myself and know how difficult it can be.

Laura Pilbeam

Lives in Queensland

Home Search Service South Brisbane

Hi, my name is Laura & I live in Brisbane (Queensland) with my husband George and our son Archie who is 4 years old.

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We came over to Australia in 2017 on a working holiday visa. We returned home once our visa expired but we couldn’t stop thinking about returning to Australia so we started the process of getting our 190 visa (my husband is an Electrician). Our son Archie came along so we put things on hold for a few years and picked things back up in 2021 and our visa was granted in 2022.We love Brisbane because there’s always so much going on and it’s suitable for everyone whether you’re a family, couple, or moving out alone. Each weekend I will look at what’s on and we will head off to an event (most of them are free). Whether it’s a pool party at the local outdoor pool, a local market, a family fun day, or a sporting event, we’re never short of activities in Brisbane. We also love that we can either head up to the Sunshine Coast or down to the Gold Coast with one of our favourite beaches (Burleigh Heads) only an hour away so it’s easy to do as a day trip.I know how stressful the move can be so I look forward to making life easier for you and helping you find your new home.

Louise Game

Lives in Queensland

Home Search Service Sunshine Coast

Hi, I’m Louise.
In August 2023 I relocated from the UK to the Sunshine Coast with my husband and two children Rocco(7) and Ruby (4).
I adore our new lifestyle which mainly consists of us riding the waves, taking walks along the beach, and just generally being out and about 90% of the time!
As someone who has been through the relocation process, I am here to help you achieve your dream of joining us here on the Sunny Coast.