Jobs in New South Wales

Job opportunities in New South Wales

New South Wales has lots of job opportunities. Many employers will offer sponsorship opportunities and most employers prefer you to arrive in Australia with your Australian qualifications and relevant work visa.

The Down Under Centre work with employers through our DUC Employment Hub, if you haven’t created a DUC Employment Hub profile you should consider this. Its also a great relocation tool.  Please contact us on for help with setting up a profile.

Simply find your occupation in the below box. If you find a job that suits your experience, you can apply directly to the employer. Please make sure you complete all the relevant questions too as these are required by the employer for a successful application. Please note the Down Under Centre don’t do the hiring so the employer will be in touch directly with you.

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I would like to express my gratitude to the DUC for the information I have been given, it has been invaluable. I spent a lot of time sending my CV to employers in Australia only to be disappointed with no response or not proceeding with your application.
Disheartened I spoke to Wes who advised me to register on the DUC employment hub. I added all my information and booked a Skype call with Leigh. I discussed my CV and work experience and my concern, my restricted electrical license, I felt this was holding me back and I was unemployable. Leigh explained she had got others jobs in the same situation and she felt she could do the same for myself. I was amazed how hard she worked and how quickly I got a response.
An employer contacted me looking for someone with my skill set. I had a Skype call with the boss and have been offered the job which I start in January. I wish I had done this sooner. I can not thank you enough for you help and advice, I honestly have never felt so reassured and comfortable moving forward.
Richard & Victoria Brooke

The Down Under Centre are a god send! I was advised to use the DUC hub to help find a job in Aus and it was great! So easy to use, it gives you a clear guide of what you need to do to get you set up for the big move, filled with helpful info and helps you see how close you are to the end goal! I also spoke with Leigh over Skype she is so friendly and professional, really knows her stuff! Her advice helped me and my family so much 🙂 thanks guys!


DUC are straight talking, focussed on positive client relations, extremely knowledgeable and are willing to answer any questions 24/7. Extremely professional and approachable. They will set you up for an once in a life-time successful relocation. Thank you DUC for your services.