Day Trips in the Australian Capital Territory

If you live in the ACT or are there on a holiday, this page has been created to give you some options for a day out. This can be with the family, with friends or by your self.

It could be a day at the zoo, botanical gardens, markets, galleries, events, festivals and everything in-between.

Where do you recommend others go?   If you have enjoyed it we want to know!  Please add by clicking the box below.

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Nature and Wildlife

Arboretum 1

Arboretum 2

Markets and Boutique Festivals

Fyshwick Market

Galleries and Events

Remembrance Installations

War Memorial


Canberra Centre

The Canberra Centre is the major shopping location for the area. It has fashion stores, Food court and supermarkets along with entertainment like a cinema and bowling. It is an easy and some times expensive way to spend your day.

The Foleys

Parliment House, Canberra