Comparisons – Tasmania

Want to take a look at some comparisons?  Want to know how grocery shopping and bills compare for example?  You are in the right place!

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Grocery Shops


Incomings -
Husband's wages - similar to the UK (he is a fitter supervisor)
Mine - much higher than the UK (Project Manager in State Government)
Hope this helps a little, as we were under the impression, everything costs more before we moved over and as above indicates, it certainly doesn't!


Cost of living - (a quick snapshot to give you an idea)
Home loan - much higher than UK (however, we do have a bigger house and pool)
Shopping (food) - about the same as UK
Clothing - can be cheaper than the UK
Furniture - similar or as above, can be cheaper
Fuel - about half the cost of the UK
Rates - again higher than council tax (bigger house)
Electricity - same (then we installed solar so much less)
Health Insurance - don't have to pay in UK so an added expense (you can survive on Medicare, publicly funded health care insurance in which UK has a reciprocal agreement in place)
If no healthcare then Ambulance cover is required - again an added expense
Insurances - I'm sure they are similar to the UK


The sun and UV here are so strong. Don't bother with anything below factor 50, use mozzie repelant too and seek shade! It's not the UK.