Combined Package – book a call with a Relocation Agent.

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Cost: $130 + gst

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Our Combined Package

A 1.5-hour video call with a Relocation Agent who is a previous migrant that lives in the state you are moving to. Package includes:


  • Where to live and education facilities to choose based on your wants, needs and budget.


  • Relocation advice specific to you.


  • Information about where you are moving to.


  • What to think about when moving to Australia.


  • Information about schools.


  • Introductions for services SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY.


  • The Down Under Centre Employment Hub FREE. Free for your partner too!


  • How to use the DUC Employment Hub to maximise your chances of finding employment.


  • An introduction to our Employment Department if you would like help finding work.


  • How to prepare for an interview.


  • Employment advice specific to you.


  • Advice on managing expectations.


  • DUC Employment Hub videos showing you how to use it.


  • Upskilling / Australian Qualification advice.


  • The presentation your agent shares with you through the call is yours to keep together with notes, information and links that will prove valuable for your relocation.