Check List:

Everything to double check, and have ready before you leave!

  • Renew passports
  • Confirm valid visa
  • Redirect mail
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted services
  • Organise shipping and pet transport
  • Sell, donate or start to pack your belongings
  • Collect school and medical records
  • Book your flights, accommodation, and transport
  • Organise medication if required
  • Notify change of address to banks etc.
  • Transfer money to foreign exchange
  • Fill out Medicare forms
  • Disconnect power, electricity, water

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Preparing for the flight

  • Just before leaving you can set up your bank account
  • Double and triple check your flight time, date and airport
  • Prepare your transport to the airport and pick up at the other end
  • Make a list of every one you need to see before you leave and hug them all!
  • If you have not already move your money through Foreign Exchange
  • Pack your hand luggage with all of your essentials including kids entertainment

Day of your Flight-

  • Check in online to save time
  • Confirm your gate number
  • Do a run through of the house and make sure you found every thing including your tickets and passports.
  • Confirm airport pick up

On the flight:

What’s in your hand luggage?

  • Passport
  •  A day’s worth of clean clothes
  • 1 Week’s worth of your regular medication! (Important!)
  • Phone Chargers and Phone
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • Entertainment. ( A good book is always a great idea!)
  • Your tickets.
  • Visa’s and other important documents.
  • Australian dollars. (Cash!)
  • If travelling with kids, don’t forget some toys!

Once you Arrive

  • Activate your bank account
  • Submit your Medicare
  • Set up your tax file number
  • Set up Superannuation
  • Contact kids schools and let them know you have arrived and what they require day 1
  • If in construction book in your White Card
  • If in Hospitality book in RSA (minimum)
  • Enjoy a few days before the long term house hunt begins