Checking Eligibility

So you have the idea of moving to Australia! Firstly we need you to complete our free visa points calculator  Free Australia visa points calculator – Check your eligibility for a skilled visa ( unfortunately not everyone can migrate to Australia and there are many visas you may qualify for. We also need to check the health of you and the family and make sure we discuss and criminal convictions you may have.  Our team will arrange a time for a chat and explain the visa process and timeframe.

As migration can change please make sure you attend our free monthly migration webinars and if possible come and meet our team at one of our events Webinars and Events – DUC Relocation Hub ( all our clients get access to our private Facebook page, this is a great way to keep in touch with migration changes and our amazing migrants are always  updating the group with their process and offer relocation advice.

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Now you have started the Visa process

This is where you are gathering all the required documents for the required skills assessment and visa, most people will also be preparing for the English test, all this is important for the visa. While it’s the most important and most likely stressful below are some tasks you can look at completing.

  • Begin your housing research for Sales or Rentals in the area that you are moving to. Check this roughly 4 times a year for the first year so you can see the price changes and work out your budgets. In the last 6 months we recommend looking more often so you know what to expect when you arrive.If you are going to sell your property, Check to see if there will need to be any improvements/repairs made. If you start these now you will have a calmer sale and won’t be hit with all the payments for moving all at once.
  • Make sure you and the family have valid passports.
  • Start looking at any subscription you are tied too, make sure you are not paying for any subscriptions you don’t need or cant use in Australia. If your subscription is a must check to see the Australian equivalent.
  • Check to see if there will need to be any improvements/repairs made to your home prior to selling.
  • Collect all your paperwork and file in both paper form and pdf. It’s always safest to have backups! This includes a valid passport with 2 years validity, Birth Certificate, Qualifications, Pay slips, Tax evidence, Bank Statements etc.
  • Have a sit-down chat with friends and family that you are closest to and have an open and honest conversation about what is happening and how you plan on staying in touch (start teaching the grandparents to face time! This may take some time and patience)
  • Start preparing your DUC Employment Hub profile.
  • Get involved with our private Facebook group, start making friend with like minded people who are all making the biggest move of there life.

You have now lodged the Visa and are waiting for your grant

Preparing for the flight

  • Pre book into your flights
  • Confirm transport/ lift to the airport
  • Confirm gate number and time
  • Make sure the kids have entertainment
  • Eat your favourite meal as a family
  • Confirm your arrival accommodation, don’t be shy about this, when you arrive you will be super excited but Jetlag is real for many.
  • Get a good nights rest!

Extras you need in your Hand Luggage if you have kids

  • Colouring book
  • Pencils
  • Electronic games and head phones(fully charged)
  • Empty thermos if you are formula feeding
  • Formula
  • Empty bottle
  • Face wipes
  • books
  • Pillows
  • Baby chairs

You have submitted your Skills Assessment and have put in your Expression of Interest

  • If you are selling a house now is the time to start researching the market and see where you currently sit.  Australian immigration is unpredictable with timelines its best you can be flexible regarding the house sale, explain to the real estate agent that you are migrating and have a think about what happens if you sell the house, where do you and the family live? At a family member or friends house? Paying for short term accommodation? Do you need the house sale to top up the bank account to make the move to Australia less stressful? Could you rent it? Check with your accountant.
  • If you have a pet, contact your pet migration agency and start booking your animals vaccinations at 7-12 months prior to move date.
  • Engage a shipping company get some quotes, this will make it easier for you to decide what you can and cant take to Australia.  Special Offer for Down Under Centre Customers – PSS International Removals ( and Send Luggage and Ship Boxes with Send My Bag® Luggage Courier and Delivery Service
  • Organise back up accommodation (with friends or family) in case of a speedy sale/settlement.
  • Set up an account with a Foreign Exchange company Welcome – FortunaFX or Down Under Centre :: Global Reach Grouplook at the options you have to transfer your money, most people prefer to agree on a rate they want to trade.
  • Have a garage sale, sell your unwanted/needed belongings that won’t be making the trip and start to downsize. Remember that if you are bringing over electrical appliances that you will have to purchase adaptors.
  • Start collecting your medical, dental, and school records advise that you are migrating to Australia and require relevant information.
  • Look into your Pensions, chat to a UK Pensions in Australia expert,
  • Work on your DUC Employment Hub Profile, chat to our Australian Team.
  • Start looking at flights. When booking make sure you don’t have a long stop over between flights, unless you plan to explore the stop over country. Find out what your carry on luggage can be, ask for quotes for more weight if required.
  • Clean all your Tools and sporting equipment ready for shipping ask the shipping company of timeframes to get your belongings to Australia.

Visa is Granted

  • Set up your bank account Moving to Australia – CommBank Chat to your Foreign Exchange export and start looking to transfer money. Down Under Centre :: Global Reach Group or Welcome – FortunaFX
  • Arrange for your mail to be re directed
  • Sell or donate any last-minute belongings that wont be travelling with you
  • Check your DUC Employment Hub profile and check our job opportunities.
  • Research and choose new schools
  • Put together a travel wallet with passports, tickets, itinerary. Hotel details and where to pick up the car rental.
  • Put your car on the market. If you sell for a good price early on book a hire car for required days prior to leaving.
  • Make a list of everyone that you need to see before leaving
  • Organise a going away party/catch up
  • Collect all your up to date medical and school and tax records.
  • Start thinking of your move to Australia party!!!!
  • Clean all your Tools and sporting equipment ready for shipping
  • Cancel all subscriptions
  • Organise all medications
  • Pack your suitcases
  • Make sure you have found a way to communicate with friends and family, remember its harder for our older relatives to use technology.
  • Confirm your place to stay. Where do you pick up keys etc.

What’s in your Hand Luggage

  • Passport
  •  A day’s worth of clean clothes
  • 1 Week’s worth of your regular medication! (Important!)
  • Phone Chargers and Phone
  • Head Phones
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • A good book is always a great idea!
  • Your tickets.
  • Visa’s and other important documents.
  • Chewing Gum so your ears don’t pop

Now you have arrived

  • Pick up hire car or get a taxi/Uber (sometimes is better to get the hire car day 2 so you can have a rest) 
  • Grab an Australian Sim card even if it is just a pay as you go or connect to wifi and let your friends and family know that you have arrived safely 
  • Drop all of your belongings off at the accommodation and have showers and a change 
  • Don’t go to bed until night-time!!!! This will give you the best chance of no jet lag. Go for a walk. Stop at a café. 
  • If you engaged any helpful services for your arrival, contact them and let them know you have arrived. 
  • Set up your tax file number Australian TFN Application | Get a Tax File Number | 
  • Activate your Australian bank account Moving to Australia – CommBank by heading in to your chosen branch
  • Set up you USI if you plan on studying Home page | Unique Student Identifier ( 
  • Start your car hunt 
  • If you purchase a car (must have a road worthy certificate to drive on the road-This can be done at registered mechanics) transfer registrations or register the car 
  • Purchase car insurance (this should be done on the day of purchase)
  • Contact the schools and let them know that you have arrived and confirm what they need day 1. Pick up uniforms.  
  • Head to open homes. These can be found on or 
  • Set up Medicare Medicare – Services Australia 
  • Set up superannuation (your new job will give you an application form for the company their employees use if you don’t have one. check to see if its best for you) 
  • Set up utilities and connections Connect with Move Me In 
  • Catch up with mortgage broker Steve Tully – Port Finance Group
  • Join clubs and attend functions 
  • Notify every one of you change of address