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  • If you are selling a house now is the time to start researching the market and see where you currently sit.  Australian immigration is unpredictable with timelines its best you can be flexible regarding the house sale, explain to the real estate agent that you are migrating and have a think about what happens if you sell the house, where do you and the family live? At a family member or friends house? Paying for short term accommodation? Do you need the house sale to top up the bank account to make the move to Australia less stressful? Could you rent it? Check with your accountant.
  • If you have a pet, contact your pet migration agency and start booking your animals vaccinations at 7-12 months prior to move date.
  • Engage a shipping company get some quotes, this will make it easier for you to decide what you can and cant take to Australia.  Special Offer for Down Under Centre Customers – PSS International Removals ( and Send Luggage and Ship Boxes with Send My Bag® Luggage Courier and Delivery Service
  • Organise back up accommodation (with friends or family) in case of a speedy sale/settlement.
  • Set up an account with a Foreign Exchange company Welcome – FortunaFX or Down Under Centre : Corpay look at the options you have to transfer your money, most people prefer to agree on a rate they want to trade.
  • Have a garage sale, sell your unwanted/needed belongings that won’t be making the trip and start to downsize. Remember that if you are bringing over electrical appliances that you will have to purchase adaptors.
  • Start collecting your medical, dental, and school records advise that you are migrating to Australia and require relevant information.
  • Look into your Pensions, chat to a UK Pensions in Australia expert,
  • Work on your DUC Employment Hub Profile, chat to our Australian Team.
  • Start looking at flights. When booking make sure you don’t have a long stop over between flights, unless you plan to explore the stop over country. Find out what your carry on luggage can be, ask for quotes for more weight if required.
  • Clean all your Tools and sporting equipment ready for shipping ask the shipping company of timeframes to get your belongings to Australia.
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