Ambers Migrant Planner


I made this migration planner for us as I like to be super organised. The amount of paperwork we had to submit for the visa process was crazy! So, I thought if I made a planner then it is our go to when we need information once we set off on our move. I thought it would save us carrying lots of documents and digging through to find information we needed.  

I have printed this booklet off and a few extra pages of certain things. I.e., packing list for every family member. I have popped it all into a folder with built in Wallets. With extras to pop into other documents we know we will need. Such as resumes, print outs of immunisations and details of pensions we have.  

I decided to share this with all fellow migrants in the hope it will come in handy for everyone else on this crazy journey! I really hope it helps lots of families. Good luck with your massive adventure and enjoy your lives down under. 

Hope you find this useful, 


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